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Links are provided for information purposes, and we try to present different points of view. None of the links below express an endorsement by us of the associated organizations and their views.

Organizations That Promote and Discuss the Founding Principles of Our Nation, As Well As Contain and Analyze Historical Documents

  • Americans for Fair Tax - An organization devoted to implementing fair taxation.
  • Archiving Early America - "Historic documents from 18th century America."
  • Ashbrook Center - "The Ashbrook Center is an academic forum for the study, research and discussion of the principles and practices of American constitutional government and politics."
  • The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School - Colonial Charters, Grants and Related Documents.
  • The Center for Civic Education: We the People...The Citizen and the Constitution - "...a nationally acclaimed program [that] helps students understand the history and principles of our constitutional government."
  • Civics and Politics - "To inform, educate, and amuse."
  • The Claremont Institute For the Study of Statesmanship and Political Philosophy - "The mission of The Claremont Institute is to restore the principles of the American Founding to their rightful preeminent authority in our national life."
  • The Constitution Society - "A private non-profit organization dedicated to research and public education on the principles of constitutional republican government. It publishes documentation, engages in litigation, and organizes local citizens groups to work for reform."
  • The Declaration of Independence Home Page - Duke University's page dedicated to the Declaration of Independence.
  • - "A user's guide to the Declaration of Independence" - Contains the text of the declaration, an analysis of the document, Declaration-related issues, a Declaration timeline and other information.
  • George Washington Online - By Claremont Institute - Multimedia website dedicated to educating American's about George Washington.
  • The Heritage Foundation - "Committed to building an America where freedom, opportunity, prosperity and civil society flourish."
  • Historical Reproductions - "Reproduces Biblical and Early American History Prints and Framed Bible Pages, circa 1290 A.D. and 1800's. Their mission is to preserve and protect our heritage for the next generation to come."
  • The History Channel - Different interpretations and biographies of the signers.
  • History Matters - "Designed for high school and college teachers of U.S. History courses. This site serves as a gateway to Web resources and offers useful materials for teaching U.S. history."
  • Independence Institute - "Established upon the eternal truths of the Declaration of Independence... the II is a non-partisan, non-profit public policy research organization dedicated to providing timely information to concerned citizens, government officials, and public opinion leaders."
  • The Institute for American Liberty - "To present to the public literature, facts and viewpoints related to American Liberty, its virtues, principles and history."
  • The Liberty Fund - "To the end that some hopeful contribution may be made to the preservation, restoration, and development of individual liberty through investigation, research and educational activity."
  • National Center for Constitutional Studies - "American History curriculum for all ages and schools."
  • National Center for Policy Analysis - "The NCPA's goal is to develop and promote private alternatives to government regulation and control, solving problems by relying on the strength of the competitive, entrepreneurial private sector."
  • National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution - " cherish, maintain and extend the institutions of American freedom, to foster true patriotism and love of country, and to aid in securing for mankind all the blessings of liberty."
  • National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution - "perpetuate the memory of the men who, by their services or sacrifices during the war of the American Revolution, achieved the independence of the American people."
  • Peter & Helen Evans - This husband and wife team -- international teachers and authors -- write articles and teach a philosophical approach to conservatism. They have helped thousands of adults in more than thirty countries realize more of the best of themselves through responsibility.
  • Second Amendment Sisters, Inc. - "Women for the Second Amendment."
  • Torch of Freedom Foundation - "To protect and preserve liberty by passing the Torch of Freedom through education, opportunity, and vision."
  • University of Michigan Documents Center - Federal Government Resources, Historic Documents.
  • UCLA Second Amendment Library - "Extensive online law library."
  • Young America's Foundation "The Voice of Freedom on Campus." -- "Young America's Foundation is committed to ensuring that increasing numbers of young Americans understand and are inspired by the ideas of individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values."
  • Wall Builders "American historical events, founding fathers, historical documents, books, videos, CDs, tapes."

Sites Dedicated to Discussing and Presenting Important Current Events

  • Center for Security Policy - "To promote world peace through American strength."
  • Citizens Coalition for Responsible Media - "Taking on the biased American Media."
  • The Federalist - "The Internet's Conservative e-Journal of Record" is free by email - The Federalist is an excellent weekly summary of important news, policy and opinion. "The Federalist recalls the noble tradition of our Founders. 'Publius' would have admired and endorsed The Federalist, as do I." --Alan Keyes"
  • Free Republic - "The Premier Conservative New Forum."
  • - "Serving the people who are keeping the world free..."
  • Human Events Online - "'When in the course of Human Events...' - Dedicated to giving you the Truth for the sake of effective self-government."
  • Jewish World Review - Site dedicated to presenting Jewish news.
  • Michelle Malkin Homepage - "Archives of Michelle's columns."

Organizations That Promote Life, Religious Freedom and Family Values

Education-related Websites

Organizations That Advocate a Responsible Judiciary and the Pursuit of Justice

  • - "Daily news updates on affirmative action, race and related topics."
  • The American Center for Law and Justice - "The ACLJ engages in litigation, provides legal services, renders advice and counsels clients, and supports attorneys who are involved in defending the religious and civil liberties of Americans."
  • American Civil Rights Coalition - The ACRC works with grassroots supporters and leaders on the local, state and federal level to end racial and gender preferences and classifications.
  • Center of Equal Opportunity - "The only think tank devoted exclusively to the promotion of colorblind equal opportunity and racial harmony..."
  • Judicial Watch, Inc. - "Established in 1994 to serve as an ethical and legal "watchdog" over our government, legal, and judicial systems to promote a return to ethics and morality in our nation's public life."
  • Mountain States Legal Foundation - "A nonprofit, public interest legal center dedicated to individual liberty, the right to own and use property, limited government and the free enterprise system."
  • National Lawyers Association - "... a new, dynamic, full-service organization of attorneys from every state in the Union committed to the principles enunciated by our Nation's forefathers ..."