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About the Faith and Freedom Foundation

The Faith and Freedom Foundation is a non-profit educational organization, dedicated to restoring the principles of America's founding fathers to their rightful place in American life. It is not a political organization, and takes no position on candidates or elections. Rather, it aims to educate Americans of all parties and persuasions about the God-given rights that underlie our republic.

The Foundation intends to work, patiently but energetically, to develop a deep awareness of the role and duties of all Americans in restoring respect for life, the family, and personal and political self-government. Through its publications, website, newsletter, and its work in the communities of America, it endeavors to nourish enlightened and responsible citizenship.

To all who have come to this website, we say, "welcome." We want to hear from you, and more than that, we want you to join us in this great work. We ask you to inform us about the good things in your communities and schools, and to let us aid you in correcting the bad. Since our effort is grounded on self-government, we intend to be a user-friendly, interactive center for American civic life. We want your thoughts on our publications, your insight into the conditions of our times, especially in our schools and colleges, and your ideas and plans for a revival of our common civic life.

Our project is grounded in hope. We are firmly convinced that underneath the surface of our current follies and sorrows, there still may be found a vein of gold. We firmly believe that America is good, and can again become great, if only she remembers her true self. We ask you to join us in this faith and hope, and work with us to restore, in these, our times, the wisdom of our founding fathers.

The Faith and Freedom Foundation's Mission

The mission of the Faith and Freedom Foundation is to assess the existing state of American civics education, both in schools and in the citizenry at large, to foster what is good, and to supply what is deficient. Above all else, we aim to restore the principles of America's founding fathers to their rightful place in the minds and hearts of our fellow Americans.

Our Specific Goals:
  • To maintain our website as a civics and education resource center
  • To publish and distribute brochures on faith and freedom issues
  • To write and publish policy papers applying freedom principles to current issues
  • To host teacher training seminars on civics education across the nation

Officers of the Foundation

Daniel M. Gray

Richard Johns

Eldon L. Alexander