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Become Informed! What is the Personhood Movement?

For a year, Personhood advocates across Mississippi gathered over 100,000 certified
signatures from registered voters to place the Personhood Amendment on the No-
vember, 2011 ballot. The initiative was furiously resisted and narrowly defeated with a campaign of distortion by pro-abortion forces and large media budgets sent by Planned Parenthood. But pro-life, pro-Personhood supporters can learn from studying Mississippi's initiative. We provide the materials below as a pro-life educational introduction for future Personhood efforts.

The purpose of Amendment 26 is to protect all life, regardless of age, health, func-
tion, physical or mental dependency, or method of reproduction, natural or artificial.
In other words, the Personhood Amendment would effectively end abortion and
cloning and recognize life as starting at the earliest biological moment, or fertiliza-
tion, not at birth. The language that will appear on the ballot is as follows:

Be it Enacted by the People of the State of Mississippi: SECTION 1. Article III of the
constitution of the state of Mississippi is hereby amended BY THE ADDITION OF A
NEW SECTION TO READ: Section 33. Person defined. As used in this Article III of
the state constitution, "The term 'person' or 'persons' shall include every human
being from the moment of fertilization, cloning or the functional equivalent
thereof." This initiative shall not require any additional revenue for implementation.

Defeating Roe v. Wade and the death sentence it has imposed on 53 million Ameri-
cans since 1973 will only occur when we reinvest the unborn with legal relevance and
the end the court-mandated marginalization of their lives. Furthermore, perverse
medical research that destroys human embryos such as cloning would also be
stopped once personhood rights are established.

Mississippians have the unique opportunity to be the first of more than a dozen
states to establish personhood rights for the unborn. While our state is very pro-life,
we cannot treat this victory in November as a given. Planned Parenthood and the
forces of evil will do all in their power to defeat truth. Churches and Christians across
our state must ENGAGE, EDUCATE and DONATE to help make Amendment 26 a

Please review the church resource tab at to learn how your congre-
gation can help lead the fight for the unborn and Biblical truth in our state and nation
on Election Day November 8.

Yes on 26 Home Page

Typical of No on 26 advocacy is the following article, which is rife with misrepresentation, distortion and out-right lies about the scope of the law saying, for example, "using the Pill would become equivalent to murder" and "Women with IUDs (intrauterine devices)... would have to leave the state or have the devices removed."

No on 26: Mississippi "Personhood" measure would outlaw most birth control

Writer Awarded by Planned Parenthood Defends Black Abortions

Cynthia Tucker's April 13 column, "Abortion is black genocide. Nonsense of course" is itself the nonsense. She writes from sheer hyperbole and outright distortions. But she's an abortion apologist; it comes with the territory.

Margaret Sanger was an avowed, unapologetic eugenist and incorporated this racist pseudoscience into every effort of her birth control crusade. It's not some conspiracy; it's documented history. It's as verifiable as Planned Parenthood awarding Ms. Tucker the Margaret Sanger Award last year for her journalistic "advocacy of abortion" and defense of the nation's largest abortion chain. [Read Full Article]