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WorldNetDaily columnist hosts first gala in Texas

By Alan Keyes

August 21st, 2001

Taking the initiative during a divided and dispiriting time for many freedom activists, Alan Keyes' Declaration Foundation is launching a national campaign to "Renew American Principle" with a kickoff event in Arlington, Texas, Friday.

Keyes, a former presidential candidate, writes a weekly column exclusively for

The "Renew American Principle" gala event is the first of a series of regional dinners being held to honor citizen activists in their home communities. Through outreach at the local level to institutions, corporations, businesses and individuals, the Declaration Foundation is developing grass-roots organizational and activist coalitions capable of providing "effective and principled American leadership."

The Declaration Foundation will work on an ongoing basis with these communities to help restore what it calls an understanding and appreciation of the first principle of America's founding — that we all are created equal. Civic action that applies this truth of human equality is key to the Foundation's mission of assisting the nation, as a people, to recapture the promise of the American Dream.

The program for the Texas event will feature guest speaker Gary Aldrich, president of the Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty and the former FBI agent who blew the whistle on Clinton administration corruption.

Keyes and foundation President Richard Ferrier will also address the dinner.

"With our Renew American Principle project, we hope to bring Americans together on the common ground of our great national creed, the Declaration of Independence," said Keyes. "We seek to encourage Americans to reaffirm their citizen vocation, and thereby renew bedrock American principle."

More information about the "Renew American Principle" event is available at the foundation's website.

Originally published at WorldNetDaily.